We Are Ram Construction

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payments

1.1 Deposits. The contractor may demand a financial deposit from the customer before commencing the works. Any deposit will be listed on the acceptance form. Any deposit received by the contractor shall be repayable to the customer should the works not commence due to the contractors own reasons.

1.2 Interim Payments. The contractor may demand reasonable interim payments during the course of the works to cover his reasonable on-going costs in respect of labour and materials. Any invoice raised for an interim payment shall be payable within 14 days of receipt or contractor reserves the right to put work on hold until payment is received.

1.3 Final Payments. Final payments shall be payable within 14 days for a domestic customer and 28 days for a commercial customer. Any late payments shall be subject to a 5% +VAT charge of outstanding amount.

1.4 Interest. All interest shall be calculated by the addition of 2% to the current Bank of England Base Rate and shall be accrued daily and invoiced monthly. Severely late payments will be handed to solicitors or collection agencies.

1.5 Materials. All materials remain the property of the contractor until all work is paid for in full. The contractor reserves their legal right to remove their work in lieu of late or failed payment.

1.6 Legal Fees Should any solicitors or legal action be needed with collection of payment, any fees occurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

1.7 Extra works Extra works carried out without an agreement of cost upfront. 20% uplift added on any sub-contractors and materials, non-skilled tradesman charged @ £28 per hour and skilled tradesman charged at £41 per hour.


  1. Guarantees

2.1 10 year guarantees are applicable to all work with new materials. They only cover against defective materials or workmanship and DO NOT cover any element of wear and tear or insured peril.

2.2 Where applicable, written guarantees will be issued upon successful completion and payment of works. Guarantees shall be activated by timely payment.

2.3 The contractor reserves the right to refuse to issue a guarantee should the customer not pay the invoice within the specified timeframe.

2.4 The customer accepts that any tampering with the contractors work of any sort by any person, qualified or not, at any time before, during or after the work may invalidate the guarantee.

2.5 The customer agrees to allow the contractor access to the work to inspect any reported guarantee issue during normal working hours or at any other time by prior arrangement.

2.6 The customer agrees to pay the contractor a deposit of £100 to instigate a guarantee investigation should it be requested by the contractor. Should a genuine guarantee issue be discovered, the deposit will be refunded in full immediately.


  1. Electricity and Water

3.1 The customer agrees to provide sufficient heat, power and water for the works to be conducted in a safe and professional manner.

3.2 The customer also agrees to indemnify the contractor against any costs arising from the reasonable supply of these services, including any unexpected failure of same.


  1. Estimates

4.1 Estimates shall detail the work the work the contractor expects to complete. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the work described in the estimate is the work they anticipate the contractor completing.

4.2 The contractor shall require a signed acceptance form acknowledging the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions before issuing a start date for the work. The customers signature on the Acceptance Form shall signal their agreement to the works detailed in the estimate.

4.3 We are always happy to discuss your estimate, please feel free to ask us questions to make sure the estimate is a fair reflection of the work you anticipate being completed.


  1. Signage

5.1 The contractor reserves the right to display suitable site identity and safety signage.

5.2 The contractor requests the privilege of displaying a reasonably sized sign to advertise his services during the works. The customer may revoke this privilege at their discretion.

5.3 Any payments/discounts made to the customer for on going advertising signage (after the works are complete) will be paid for annually in arrears and will be agreed separately in writing.


  1. Referral Incentives

6.1 Referral incentives are available to existing customers only who refer new customers to the contractor.

6.2 Any referral incentive will be paid to the referrer on receipt of the new customers deposit.

6.3 All referrals will earn the referrer 1% of the net works total as listed on the acceptance form subject to a value of £5000 or more.