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We have unparalleled expertise and experience in Flint/Stonework with plenty of examples of our work in Sussex.

In Eastbourne and throughout East Sussex, you can find some stunning examples of feature flint and stonework. Flint walls and great stonework add a touch of tradition and style to modern homes but, these features are more associated with older style properties and often need repairing or improving.

Whether you are thinking about installing flint work – perhaps a Sussex famed flint wall – you’re considering new stonework or you need help maintaining existing flint or stonework then we can help.

Examples of Flint Work

Flint can be used to create a number of interesting and striking features. From traditional flint walls to water features. These examples of flint work can help you to visualise what you want:

Examples of Stonework

Stonework can be very beautiful and, as you can see from the examples below, stone can be used in a number of ways to create stunning features both inside and outside the home.

Additionally, both flint and stone can be used to clad any type of building including garden walls. Traditionally, walls were built solidly rather than clad but we can manage modern solutions.

If you think a specialist flint or stonework feature could enhance your home then please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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We Are RAM Construction has been awarded: “Recognised Leaders in Flint Walls and Stonework” By the 2020 Southern Enterprise Awards.

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