Our Promises To You

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Employing a building contractor can be a daunting task and you may, at times, feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on around you. We have spent many years in the industry and have used this experience to develop a list of essential elements that every contractor should be able to deliver.

We have taken these essential elements and converted them into promises that we make to you, our employer. Some contractors will make these promises to you, but there are only a few that will put them in writing. We have developed these promises and they are now at the core of our business, to ensure you, our employer that your needs, concerns and requirements are at the heart of every job.

  1. To be available either in person or on the telephone to answer any questions or to discuss any concerns you may have.
  2. To always keep the needs, concerns and requirements of our customers are at the heart of every job with our main aim being that our customers are happy and satisfied with the work.
  3. To build a good relationship with all are customers and keep them informed at all times.
  4. To provide the customer with the option of seeing testimonials that previous clients have written and also the option to view previous or current projects that RAM Construction have done to see some of the quality of our work.
  5. To use Plain English wherever possible and to be ready and willing to explain any part of the building process.
  6. To provide a fair Price Promise to all our customers in our estimates and costs. This means that we will always price our work in line with industry standards, pass on any discounts we receive, apply a fair uplift on all materials and labour charges and always suggest, wherever possible, realistic cost-saving alternatives to keep your project on or under budget.
  7. To provide a professional, friendly, reliable and courteous team to complete your project.
  8. To complete your project as soon as possible without interruption.
  9. To complete all works to a good, high quality standard.
  10. To always keep site clean and tidy throughout the works and, most importantly of all, treat your property how we would like our own to be treated.

We make these promises to be kept. And enforce them with every project we undertake. If you feel that we haven’t kept any of these promises, please let us know.