Pelham House, Lewes

Case Study
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Pelham House

We Are RAM Construction takes pride in presenting a case study that showcases the successful completion of a substantial flint wall repair and rebuild project at Pelham House in Lewes. This endeavour, rooted in historical preservation, involved restoring a grade II listed wall surrounding a building with origins dating back to the 16th century. The intricate task was carried out in two stages due to logistical considerations, ensuring minimal disruption to the surroundings.

Project Scope

The primary objective of the project was to meticulously repair and rebuild a significant flint wall surrounding Pelham House, a structure with deep historical significance from the 16th century. The dual-stage project involved careful planning and execution to address the unique challenges associated with working on a listed wall while maintaining the continuity of historical preservation.

The project's key deliverables included

Flint Wall Repair (Stage 1):

The initial stage focused on the repair of the existing flint wall. A detailed assessment was conducted to identify deteriorated or damaged flint stones. Our skilled craftsmen then worked to replace and restore these stones, ensuring the wall retained its original appearance.

Flint Wall Rebuild (Stage 2):

The second stage involved the meticulous rebuilding of sections of the flint wall that were beyond repair. Historical research guided the recreation of original patterns, and modern construction techniques were employed to reconstruct these portions with precision and authenticity.

Logistical Planning:

Due to the size and scope of the project, it was carried out in two stages. Logistical planning was crucial to minimise disruption to the surrounding roads and ensure public safety. Temporary closures were coordinated with local authorities to facilitate efficient and safe execution.

Historical Research on Flint:

Flint, known for its abundance and durability, has been a popular building material for centuries. Its irregular shapes and sizes, combined with its ability to create visually appealing patterns, make it a unique and timeless choice.


The challenges in this project were multifaceted, including the intricacies of working with flint, adherence to conservation guidelines for listed structures, and the need for meticulous historical research to ensure accurate restoration. The logistical challenge of conducting the project in two stages while maintaining accessibility and safety added complexity.


The completion of the flint wall repair and rebuild project at Pelham House resulted in the successful restoration of a historical landmark. The repaired sections seamlessly blended with the original, and the rebuilt areas preserved the authentic appearance of the 16th-century construction. The dual-stage approach allowed for a methodical and thorough restoration while minimising disruptions to the community.

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We Are RAM Construction is honoured to have contributed to the legacy of Pelham House through the meticulous restoration of its flint wall. This case study not only highlights our expertise in historical preservation but also underscores our commitment to overcoming logistical challenges with precision and care.

The successful restoration of the flint wall at Pelham House stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving heritage and contributing to the ongoing narrative of architectural conservation.

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