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Our construction company recently undertook a stonework repair and concrete ramp construction project at Her Majesty's Prison Lewes in East Sussex. The project was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to address structural issues and improve accessibility within the prison's perimeter. This case study provides an overview of the project's scope, challenges, and outcome.

Project Scope

The project involved two main deliverables. The first was torepair the stonework around the prison's perimeter, including the walls, gates, and guard towers. The second was to construct a new concrete ramp that would provide better accessibility to the prison's main entrance for staff and visitors.

The project's key deliverables included

1. Stonework Repairs:

  • Cleaning and repointing the existing stonework.
  • Replacing damaged or missing stones.
  • Rebuilding areas of the wall that were structurallycompromised.
  • Repainting the guard towers and gates to enhancetheir appearance and longevity.

2. Concrete Ramp Construction:

  • Excavating the area for the ramp and preparing theground.
  • Pouring the concrete and creating a smoothsurface.
  • Adding slip-resistant finishes to the ramp toenhance safety.
  • Installing handrails to provide support and improveaccessibility.

The HMP Lewes stonework repair and concrete ramp construction project presented severalchallenges that needed careful consideration during the planning phase. Some of the keychallenges included:

  1. Working within a Live Prison Environment: The construction team had to work within theprison's live environment, which required strict security protocols and coordination with the prisonmanagement team.
  2. Site Accessibility: The construction site was located within a narrow pathway, which requiredcareful planning to ensure that materials and equipment could be delivered to the site withoutdisrupting the prison's operations.
  3. Preservation of Historical Features: The stonework around the prison's perimeter was animportant historical feature, and the repair work needed to be done in a way that preserved theoriginal character of the stonework while also providing the necessary structural support.

The HMP Lewes stonework repair and concrete ramp construction project was completed successfully, meeting all of the key deliverables and overcoming the challenges presented during the project. The repaired stonework and new concrete ramp have enhanced the prison's accessibility and safety.

The construction team successfully managed the project's logistical challenges, working within the live prison environment and ensuring that all security protocols were followed. The stonework repair work was done in a way that preserved the historical character of the prison, enhancing itsoverall appearance.

The new concrete ramp has improved accessibility for staff and visitors, providing a safer and more comfortable entrance into the prison. The addition of handrails and slip-resistant finishes enhances safety, particularly during wet or icy weather conditions.

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The HMP Lewes stonework repair and concrete ramp construction project was a significant undertaking that required careful planning, expert management, and skillful execution. The project's success was due to the collaboration between the construction team, the prison management team, and the Ministry of Justice, ensuring that all stakeholders' needs were met.

The completed project has enhanced the prison's overall accessibility, safety, and appearance, contributing to its ability to fulfill its role in society. The construction team's expertise and attention to detail have resulted in a high-quality finished product that meets the necessary functional and aesthetic requirements.

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