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We Are RAM Construction is delighted to present a case study highlighting the successful completion of a transformative renovation, conversion, and extension project in Seaford. This project involved the complete reimagining of a bungalow into a two-storey home, incorporating a loft conversion for a new bathroom and bedroom, as well as a rear extension to accommodate a modern kitchen. The addition of a large balcony with glass balustrades above the kitchen provides a unique outdoor space with panoramic views.

Project Scope

The core objective of the project was to transform a single-storey bungalow into a two-storey residence, maximising both living space and functionality. The comprehensive scope included converting the loft into a new living space with a bathroom and bedroom, as well as extending the rear of the property to house a contemporary kitchen. The addition of a large balcony above the kitchen served to enhance the property's outdoor living potential and capture a view of the sea.

The project's key deliverables included

Loft Conversion:

The loft was converted into a spacious and functional living area, adding a new bedroom and bathroom to the property. This transformation significantly increased the liveable space of the home.

Rear Extension:

A carefully designed rear extension was added to the bungalow, creating space for a modern kitchen. The extension not only expanded the overall floor plan but also provided a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Contemporary Kitchen Design:

The kitchen was designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring modern fixtures, appliances, and ample storage. This space became the heart of the home, offering a focal point for family gatherings and culinary activities.

Large Balcony with Glass Balustrades:

Above the kitchen, a large balcony with glass balustrades was added to provide a unique outdoor seating area. This architectural element not only extended the usable space but also capitalized on the property's location, offering breathtaking views of the sea.


The project presented various challenges, including the intricacies of converting a loft into a liveable space, seamlessly integrating the new extension with the existing structure, and ensuring that the large balcony was structurally sound and met safety standards.


The completion of the project resulted in the successful transformation of a modest bungalow into a contemporary two-storey home. The loft conversion provided additional living quarters, the rear extension created a modern kitchen, and the large balcony offered an elevated outdoor retreat with stunning views. The project achieved a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovative design.

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We Are RAM Construction takes pride in the successful execution of this project, demonstrating our expertise in comprehensive renovations, conversions, and extensions. The final outcome not only met but exceeded the expectations of our clients, providing them with a modern, spacious, and visually appealing home that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. This case study reflects our commitment to excellence and our ability to transform properties into personalised, functional, and beautiful living spaces.

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