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We took on the challenge of transforming an old public house into a Co-Op Local store. The project required careful planning and execution to ensure that the building was converted to meet the requirements of the Co-Op while preserving the character and history of the original structure. Our team worked closely with the Co-Op to ensure that the design of the new store met their specific needs, creating a layout that maximised the available space and provided a comfortable shopping experience for customers. Our skilled construction team added new walls, ceilings, and flooring. They also installed new electrics, lighting, and air conditioning systems to ensure that the store was comfortable for staff and customers.

Project Scope

The primary objective of this project was to repurpose and modernise an aging public house into a functional and aesthetically pleasing Co-Op small supermarket store. The scope encompassed large-scale demolition to clear outdated structures, the extension of the building to create a more spacious floor area, and the installation of a wind-braced steel structure to connect the existing buildings seamlessly.

The project's key deliverables included

Demolition and Clearing Works:

The project commenced with extensive demolition works to clear outdated structures and make way for the transformation. This involved meticulous planning to preserve parts of the existing structure while creating space for the new development.

Building Extension:

To meet the requirements of a modern retail space, the building was extended to create a larger floor area. The extension not only provided additional retail space but also contributed to the overall visual coherence of the revamped structure.

Wind-Braced Steel Structure:

A key architectural feature was the installation of a wind-braced steel structure to connect the existing buildings seamlessly. This addition not only enhanced the structural integrity but also served as a visual link between the old and new elements of the Co-Op store.

Modern Interior Design and Fixtures:

The interior of the Co-Op store underwent a complete transformation, featuring modern design elements and fixtures. From shelving arrangements to lighting, every aspect was carefully considered to create an inviting and efficient retail environment.

Exterior Facade Upgrade:

The exterior facade received a facelift, aligning with the modern Co-Op brand. The design aimed to seamlessly blend the new construction with the surrounding architectural elements.


The challenges faced during the project were multifaceted. Preservation of the existing structures integrity, coordination of large-scale demolition, and integrating the new steel structure with the existing buildings were significant challenges that required meticulous planning and execution.


The completion of the project resulted in the successful transformation of an old public house into a modern Co-Op small supermarket store. The integration of a wind-braced steel structure not only linked the existing structures but also added a contemporary architectural element. The revitalised Co-Op store now stands as a testament to our companies ability to oversee and manage any retail store build.

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We Are RAM Construction takes pride in the successful completion of the project, demonstrating our commitment to delivering transformative solutions. The revamped Co-Op store not only meets modern retail needs but also contributes to the Hampden Park community. This case study reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and a professional approach to construction projects.

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