Three Obvious Reasons (Signs) that you Need a Replacement Door

Three Obvious Reasons (Signs) that you Need a Replacement Door

While most homeowners are aware of the importance of replacing their single glazed energy wasting windows, few are aware of the benefits of updating their front doors. As “door technology” has enormously progressed over the years, exterior doors have recently seen several amazing improvements in style, durability, and energy efficiency. It is no doubt that if you upgrade to a new front door, it can significantly boost the value of your property.

In this blog, we’ll share with you three reasons or signs that indicates that it is time to upgrade your entrance door.


Draughts Causing Higher Energy Bills


Windows should let the sunlight in, but not the doors. If you see the tinniest light peeping through your door, it indicates that there is a gap between your door and frame caused by weathering and age. Unfortunately, it also allows the cold and wind to pass through and warm air to escape, meaning that you will turn up your heating more often to keep your home warm.

Ageing front doors can suffer from faulty seals and other subtle cracks which are to blame for those pesky drafts. Also, the letterbox is sometimes overlooked, if the flap is loose and doesn’t close properly, it can also contribute to the chills and higher bills.

Draughts Causing Higher Energy Bills
Save on your energy bills

By investing in a new entrance door which is more energy efficient in standards than used to be, you won’t be reaching for the thermostat, but will be saving on your energy bills.

Damaged Doors with Security Risks

Your front door should open and shut smoothly and effortlessly. But you may have noticed that depending on the time of the year or humidity, the door can change in size and the movement becomes restricted as the door is out of alignment. Suddenly, the opening or shutting of your door becomes frustrating. If it happens more often, it will affect the longevity of your door and safety of your home. Furthermore, older timber doors are likely to be cracked or crumbly to the touch, discoloured, or damp. These are signs of rot.

If the door is damaged in anyway, such as cracks or dents, not only can these faults be an eyesore for your home, but they can lead to cold drafts or worse, easy break-ins and security issues. The fact is that ineffective, older or damaged doors are easier for intruders to break and enter. Did you know that most burglars enter through doors? About 65% of them break in through either the front door, back door, or garage.

Save on your energy bills

If these problems are permanent, it is imperative that you replace your front door to save from any damage or security problems. All of our entrance doors are FENSA registered and come with a 10 year guarantee so you can rest assured a new front door from We Are RAM Construction will serve your family for many years to come.


One huge advantage of uPVC or composite front doors is that they do not rot and require very little in terms of maintenance. If you live in an area where heightened security is recommended, we can advise you on different security options.

Outdated Doors Affecting the Appeal of Your Home

Your front door is one of the first things that your visitors notice and leave a lasting impression. Having said that, replacing the main entrance door is often one of those jobs that is spoken about within households, but never actually gets done. If your front door looks shabby, weathered or dirty with peeling paint it could be embarrassing.

You need a quick and effective fix. A low maintenance, replacement door could be the answer which also will be more durable and energy efficient by default. But there is more to modern replacement doors!

Whether classic or modern, decorative or simple, over-sized or standard, with dark or bright colours, partly glazed or not, with or without letterbox – there has never been so much choice and opportunity to design the perfect combination of style and features.

new front door

It is no doubt that the new front door will give your home an instant facelift and will transform the look of your house inside and out. You can install a door that perfectly matches the existing style (authentic or modern) or use one that strikes out for a bit of attention, the options are endless. Your new, beautiful replacement front door will not only convey your personal style and provide you with a proud moment every time you enter your home, but also improve the value of your property, which is priceless.

Our doors come in different designs, allowing you to still have second-to-none functionality and safety, without compromising the aesthetics. Contact We Are RAM Construction for an expert advice.