Garden Patio Ideas and Trends for 2021

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As a homeowner you may spend more time in your garden during the covid pandemic or you may just love relaxing outdoors while enjoying an exciting novel, your back garden is definitely now an extension of your living space. Patios also allow you to take your cooking out of the kitchen, just throw some chicken or burgers onto the grill and a pleasant evening will be guaranteed. According to 37 % of British people are now spending more time in the garden than they did 5 years ago. Also, more and more people are beginning to take real pride in the layout and presentation of their garden.

garden property value infographic

Boost the Value of Your House with a New Patio

A well designed patio area not only looks attractive, but also bumps up your property’s value as well when it comes to selling it, which has been confirmed by a research from When they asked 36 estate agents and property professionals, which garden features add significant value to a property, 76% of them chose ”good quality patio or paving”, which is the second most important factor after a ”decent sized shed”.

Useful Tips for Your Next Garden Patio Project

When you start planning your patio, first you need to decide the size and the location of the paved area. If you have a big garden, the patio area and green area need to be in balance, too small or too big paving area could be a problem. Having said that a well designed seating area in the garden is very important as we don’t have many sunny warm days in Sussex, so when they do come around, it’s essential there’s a large space to sit and enjoy.

The style and shape of the decking area is a very personal choice, but it is always a good idea that you seek professional advice. When you get your free no obligation quote (link to our page), it is a good idea to discuss options in detail with your building or landscaping company who may come up with a practical solution or a very creative design you didn’t think of.

Paving Materials to Consider

How can you make sure that you are choosing the right paving materials?

Well, we not only advise that you talk to people in the trade, but you also do your own homework by researching into the different types of paving, and to go for a walk in your neighbourhood and see which types of patio you like or you don’t like.

We Are RAM Construction & are regularly involved in patios and decking for private home owners in Eastbourne and the surrounding Sussex area with plenty of experience. While patios can be made from a variety of materials (from brick, ceramic tile, concrete, and hardwood to natural stone pavers or flagstones) we see a clear trend towards grey or natural sandstone patios with different size slabs for a more modern look.

There are plenty of attractive paving ideas for bargain hunters, but natural stone and porcelain paving slabs are a little pricier delivering a premium look for longer lifetime. These are hard-wearing and frost resistant to endure cold winter weather, while porcelain is also dirt repellent and easy to clean. It is very popular amongst our private customers to go for slabs that have different sizes.

Once you have decided your patio design, it’s then time to installation. The quality of the finish is vital to the success of the project or whether it really adds value to your property. Therefore, it is very important that you check out the finish of the work of your chosen builder by looking at photos or visiting their clients.

Natural stone paving with tonal colour variations for a rustic style with curved shape and red bricks on the edge to make it stand out.

The interesting thing is that no two slabs are alike, and that the tone and colour of the paving is different in different lights and weather conditions.

Natural stone paving
wood effect look patio

For something unique you may be interested in our luxurious wood effect paving look using polished rainbow sandstone paving. This style will clearly stand out from the crowd

These shiny tiles (khadapa limestone) offer a truly modern look, a contrast to the classic style offered by natural sandstone. The different slab sizes, which are clearly visible with the lighter lines between, create a unique image.

This patio is laid with grey natural stone paving with subtle colour variations and at least 4 different slabs size, this is very popular amongst our clients in 2020. The patio is surrounded with a brick wall for a greater contrast and an enhanced look. This is a great solution for multi-level gardens.

Now you know what to consider when you start thinking about your dream back garden, for more advice, get in touch with the team today from We Are RAM Construction.

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