Composite Front Door Trends and Choices in 2021


What are the benefits of composite doors?

Homeowners have begun to tune into composite doors recently which is overtaking the very popular, also high quality uPVC doors.  Composite doors arrived in the UK in the late 90`s and now we can say that they are the next generation of doors.  The reason why these doors are so popular is that not only the manufacturers have improved their durability, security and insulation properties, but any homeowner can now create a striking entrance to their house with the huge range of colours and styling options.  It is guaranteed that your new personalised composite door will differ from all the other front doors in your street!

With so many customisation options for composite doors, what do you need to consider?

What are the composite doors made of?

Why are the composite doors so secure?




1. High Quality Composite Door Structure

First of all, you need to make sure that the composite door is manufactured to the highest standards to make sure that it delivers on its features.  Unlike uPVC doors (plastic) or timber doors (wooden) made of a single material, composite doors are created by combining multiple materials taking advantage of the different benefits of each material.

We (RAM Construction) only use an outstanding range of industry leading, solid laminate, timber core composite doors with a thickness of 48mm, our doors are nearly 10% thicker than most alternatives.

A good quality composite door with thermally efficient solid timber core and thermo plastic skins will provide your home with an extreme level of thermal insulation, reducing your energy bills.  Also, due to its durable structure and construction, it is weather and impact resistant, therefore it doesn’t need aftercare or painting and will have an unbelievable lifespan of around 35 years!  Composite doors may cost a little bit more than the UVPC doors, but it is guaranteed that on the long run you will get a good return on your investment

2. Endless Colour Options for a Traditional or Modern Style

The colour options are endless for these new front doors, but RAM ‘s chosen provider supply composite doors with the largest range of colour options (11000+).  In recent years there was a clear trend for dark grey or black composite doors, in fact, anthracite was one of the top selling colours of 2020.  Obvious evidence is that most of the new homes built in recent years used this colour.  Grey offers timelessness, sophistication and appeal as does black, that works with numerous other colours.

Light green (chart well) is the colour of nature which will also represent a bit of luxury and style and will stay popular among homeowners. There are more and more examples where people choose a brighter colour that is different to the rest of the house to make a long-lasting impression and to stand out from the crowd. For example a rich aubergine which represent wealth and royalty or a peacock blue for a contemporary look or a golden sand colour style for a rural modern cottage style.

Colour Chart for Composite Doors

3. Huge Configuration Options for Door Styles

This is a very exciting part of the design as it will have the most impact to the look and feel of your front door.  The new composite doors come with a wealth of styles to personalise your new dream door from bevelled, coloured to textured glass in square, diamond, circle or half circle shapes, in numerous layout options.  Simply tell us which style you prefer, and our designers will integrate it into the door so that you get something that feels totally unique to you. One of the most popular door designs on our streets today are the ones which have a significant long rectangular window in the middle (a discerning choice for the modernist). Also, the one with four separate small windows from top to bottom for a creative but beautiful choice.
new front door

4. Accessories for Personalisation

Choosing the right accessories for your composite door can be as much about expressing your personality as it is about staying secure and stylish.  We Are RAM Construction can help you enhance your entrance door with a wide range of accessories. These include handles, eye catching door knockers and letter plates in several finishes including modern brushed steel, contemporary chrome, traditional gold, new black chrome, black and white.  One of the most striking features that homeowners love to have today on their newly designed composite door is the large pull handles which could be straight or even curved for an ultra-modern style.

5. Composite Front Door Security

Composite doors are usually up to twice as thick as uPVC doors, they are extremely resistant to intrusion and provide more than adequate security for your home.  In most cases, the lock is what the burglars attempt first in order to access your home.  Having said that, even a strong composite door is only as good as the strength of the frame and the quality of the installation into the property.  That is why it is important that you carefully select a reputable and reliable door installer for this project, like We Are RAM Construction.

Investing in high quality locks is very important, no matter which kind of door you choose.  To ensure maximum security, our door manufacturers have partnered with Ultion lock, which make the best and most secure locking system in the UK.  This new system is able to sense an attack, and release a hidden lock, even if your key is left inside the lock

It’s also worth noting that many insurance companies will require you to have a five lever mortice deadlock on your door to make a claim.

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There are so many options to consider when designing your new composite door, and the wide range of door furniture and accessories is truly inspiring.  We understand that every home is different, so it is important that you’re able to express your desires to the finest important detail when it comes to choosing your new composite door. What we can guarantee is that your composite door won’t let you down!


Modern Composite Doors
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